HAPPY 2017!!!!

How did we end the year?...BETTER IMPOSSIBLE...surrounded by family, gifts, incredible lunches and dinners, with trips, children around...and although, exhausting sometimes, ..it's a amazing  to be able to enjoy all these things...I can only be grateful.


For Marvin Kids, a very special year ends....the year of its launch. In just a few months, we have achieved more than we expected...thanks to the love and generosity of so many people around us. THANK YOU!!! 

There are many new things I'm learning and I want to share with you, our Christmas Editorial. Thanks to the meticulous and perfect work of Elena Bau Photography Studio, we were able to reflect part of our sleepwear  collection

We managed to create a wonderful environment thanks to the collaboration of brands such as Mimoki, with their very feminine headdresses making girls felt like little princesses.

We also had many gifts from Oui Oui concept store,  a paradise of gifts where you can buy everything you want to buy...we had its famous reindeer, lights, Xmas suitcases....


The truth is that it was a beautiful and endearing session and although it was hard because keeping the children's attention for so many hours was not so easy, it was worth the effort. The pictures speak for themselves....enjoy them!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year to all of you!! 

Ah!!! and may the Three Wise Men bring you many  many presents.....

Thanks to all the children in this session, whom I love: Carmen, Ginebra, Fer, Carluchi and Gon!!!!! The best models for Marvin Kids.