There are many people who have asked me why the name "Marvin Kids" for our brand. I'm really looking forward to telling you why today.
One of the most hard things about creating your own brand is, first of all, take the decision to create it. But once this has beeb decided, the name, is something that generates a lot of headaches. If you are exclusively just focus in "business", you have to choose a name that sounds good out loud, that means something related to your business, that is simple, that is easy to pronounce and write etc.... and, of course, one goes crazy.
In my case, I needed a name of the company that would connect emotionally with me and the spirit of the brand. And so it was!!
So I present to you MARVIN!

Yeah.... Marvin, that was my dog's name! the best dog ever!!!!, . A really handsome Beagle that was given to me by surprise many years ago by all my friends for my 21th birthday. But Marvin wasn't just a dog...he was much more, for me and my family, which then, my family, was not my husband and my children (I didn't even know them yet), but my mother and brothers. Marvin became a symbol of our family. He was super affectionate and like a good Beagle, big-headed and quite feisty....you had to have a thousand eyes and put the food out of your reach because if not, he was capable of eating absolutely everything.

But all this didn't matter. To be with Marvin, was never to be alone, he gave love, security, confidence, it was fun.....at night he would climb on my bed, (yes, I know....you'll be thinking that is not a well behavior ).. but it felt so good, Marvin huddled next to me, making room.... Those of you who are reading this and have a dog, you understand my feelings perfectly....

The fact is, that poor little Marvin died five years ago, on December 23rd. You can imagine the sadness. And because of this, the name Marvin Kids. It is in memory of Marvin, and not only because of the immense affection he had for him, but also because the tranquility, confidence and security he gave me are values that I intend to reflect in our collections, so that the children will go confident and safe with their Marvins knowing that they are wearing high quality clothes designed with great love and enthusiasm and that they are beautiful!!