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About our company

Marvin Kids was born through my illusion and experience in the world of fashion. Since I have had, children, I have discovered it is not easy to find high quality, reasonably priced sleepwear for children. That's why I decided to launch the Marvin Kids project, where I could offer pajamas, nightgowns and gowns, designed and manufactured entirely in Spain while remaining competitive in price, which has been my top priority from the beginning.

Our style pretends to be traditional and timeless with a chic touch, where fabrics play a leading role. What I try to do is to make your children look not only comfortable and handsome during the day, but also at night, giving also the possibility for brothers or sisters to match up in their clothes

I hope my collections reflect my passion for fashion and also for the world of children. All my heart and soul is set on Marvin Kids.

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